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Aerospace Consortium FZE
Aerospace Company is an organization constructed on varying differing aviation disciplines that span both Western and Eastern technologies allowing for an unparalleled service solutions and understanding into the needs of clients throughout the globe.

The experience of the professionals employed by the Company allows the confidence to know that whatever project is being proposed, in whatever environment and with whatever peculiarities and vagaries such may bring, we are able not only to manage the task in hand, but to give you, the customer, the confidence that such undertaking has been within our remit previously or that the combined knowledge of problem operations will allow us to overcome each and every obstacle to ensure the project’s success.

Our history has been operating in difficult areas including war- zones, aid and emergency relief programs and quick reaction disaster situations requiring either inbound supplies or personnel extraction.

The organization is headquartered in the UAE which allows a fast reaction springboard to such operations as we undertake, however we also have offices and associates in London, Paris, Kiev, Moscow, Almaty, Bishkek, Khartoum, Nairobi, Kabul, New Delhi and Singapore thereby spanning over half the globe and ensuring that we are reactionary irrespective of any time differences.

We have extensive experience in dealing first-hand with such organizations as ISAF (International Security Assistance Force); NATO; UN and a vast array of National Defense Forces as well as civil contractors supplying support for these forces.

We are of the firm belief that our experience, position, network and personnel give us unrivalled opportunities to service each and every one of our client’s needs both now and in the future and set us at the forefront of our style of operational solutions.
+971 (9) 2229629
P.O.Box 1729 Fujairah United Arab Emirates

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